Arise! Spring Edition Submission Call


Shall I submit one myself, or not?

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Sunrise MassThe light! It burns!

The dark days may linger but spring advances. The light will soon be upon us and we must be prepared. The time has come to seek themed stories for Edition 2 of Massacre Magazine. And what is it that we seek?


What can you dig up to make out bones tremble and our flesh creep?

Handy - Spring

Let your mind wander to dark places and dark times – past, present…future. What we really want to see is imagination at work rather than the obvious.

If you have a new twist on an old theme or ancient myth, send it in, however… just one word of caution. Zombie stories are acceptable BUT they will have to be exceptional to be successful.

So, whether you’re breathing new life into the undead, or rising from the ashes, send us your submissions!

Fire treesDeadline for ‘resurrection’ themed stories and dark verse is:…

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Shine on…A Sunny Award for me?

I was just poking my finger into the giant bag of humbugs I keep in the house at this time of year, when the lovely Catherine Cavendish went and awarded me this awfully bright, shiny, sunny and horribly fairyish award.


I mean, thanks and all that, Cat, very nice of you, but can you see THAT hanging on my wall? No? Didn’t think so. I shall have to do something with it.

Anyway, I don’t even get paid for having that on my site, I have to tell you seven facts that you don’t already know about me. As I’ve done this kind of thing before this will not be easy. Now, let’s see…

  1. I wanted to be an airline pilot: When I said this at a careers meeting at school the teacher laughed so much he had to sit down. When he recovered he gave me some leaflets on being a teacher, doctor, dentist, nurse… I didn’t become a pilot – nor any of those suggestions either.
  2. I did, however, have flying lessons. On my very first flight the wind blew a gale just after take off and we had to hurry back to terra firma. I have never forgotten the way that light plane was tossed about by nature.
  3. I was once run over by a wheelbarrow full of tools. It chased me down a pontoon and went right over the top of me. I almost went into the Solent.
  4. A girlfriend once told me she might be pregnant – at the top of the Statue of Liberty. I didn’t throw her or myself off, which is just as well as she wasn’t.
  5. I had my tonsils removed when I was thirty-eight years old. I’m glad I did because I was ill one week out of four, but it hurt like watching X Factor.
  6. I am convinced that the more drinkable the wine, the thicker the bottle.
  7. I have successfully completed my training to be a Humanist Funeral Celebrant and am looking forward to getting the formalities out of the way so I can begin using my new skills.


And now I have to nominate four people for this award:

Rupert Smith

Lisa McCourt Hollar

Geoff North

Alex Weston


Hmmm, I think I’ve figured out how to improve this…






‘The Ripper’ featured in Massacre Magazine !!

Originally posted on Anthony Crowley's World:

Human hand with blood

‘Something mysterious was about to take readers to a new world showcasing the best in modern Horror literature’
The first issue of Massacre magazine was released on December 1st,2013. It is a superb and exciting publication including some of today’s best Authors of Horror and Supernatural fiction. The magazine itself includes a terrifying selection of short stories,Author spotlight interviews and dark verse,including ‘Head of the House’ by Steve Emmett, and ‘The Ripper’ by Anthony Crowley.
More details about ‘Massacre Magazine and to receive regular updates,via newsletter,sign up at




Germany- (AMAZON.DE)
France- (AMAZON.FR)
Italy – (AMAZON.IT)



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Why horror?


Here’s Rupert again being GRIM

Originally posted on Rupert Smith:

GrimFINALA journalist recently asked me why it’s taken so many years and a dozen or more novels to get round to writing horror. The answer is that I never really needed to do it till now. I had a subject – the strangeness of small towns – and I needed a way of writing about it. I could have done a literary novel with a broad canvas and lots of subtle twists and turns (or at least I could have tried) – but that wouldn’t have captured the sense of threat and alienation that I feel in those places. So I tried a horror story – and that did the job. Of course people in quaint English coastal towns don’t do the disgusting, deadly and illegal things that are depicted in Grim, but I always feel as if they could.

I’ve turned my hand to a few different genres…

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Thor and his Dark World… A Renfield Review


Are they in love?

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tumblr_msw3ilELAW1shbp5ko1_500On Tuesday Spawn and I ventured out into the cold darkness of winter, quite appropriately as it happens, to see Thor 2. Now I kinda loathed Thor mark 1. Aside from the infrequent exposure of la Hemsworth’s outrageous bodily fortune I found it thin on the ground. Narrow. Despite the magnificence of Asgard, the delightful gloomy cold of Jotunheim and, of course, la Hiddles unparalleled brilliance as Thor’s snotty half-brother, the part frost giant, possible god of mischief Loki, Thor 1 fundamentally failed to grasp my attention. It bored me. I laughed once, at the cup smashing moment, and the rest of the time I spent squinting at the screen, wondering why on earth it was Brannagh was expecting me to invest in. His attempt at a sweeping epic? Odin’s beard? Gold bullion?

I suspect half the problem for me was the eventual reduction of action to the one tiny…

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Massacre Winter Contest Winner: Hurrah for…

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Firework MassacreMatt Harrah!

His entry Burning Questions is the winner of our first flash fiction contest and Matt receives the prize of an Amazon voucher. You will be able to read Matt’s winning story in the first edition of Massacre Magazine, due December 2013. We will also post the story on the website shortly after.

Some of the submissions were so good we decided we’d have to also choose a runner up, and we are pleased to announce Jake Sheridan takes that second place. His story will also appear in Massacre Magazine.

If you didn’t win, don’t worry. Some were very close indeed, so keep joining in and one day it could be you.

Thank you to all those who entered.

photo credit: angela7dreams via photopincc

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reVamped Writing


Check this one out

Originally posted on reVamp your writing:

Writing white frameHi, my name is Julia, and welcome to reVamp Your Writing. No, that’s not a typo in my title. Let me explain.

reVamped is a developmental editing and mentoringservice – primarily aimed at horror writers and those writing paranormal or supernatural fiction, but I do take other genres. However, horror is my first love – I don’t think good horror fiction can be beaten. If you want to know if your scary short story really is scary, I’ll tell you. Do your vampires have bite? I’ll tell you. If they don’t, I’ll tell you why.

My feedback may be somewhat blunter than Dracula’s teeth, but an honest, impartial opinion is vital if we are to improve as writers. I’ll tell it like it is, but I won’t bite too hard. Take a look at what is available on the site, and please don’t hesitate to contact me with…

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3. Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)


Oh, I agree.

Originally posted on Rupert Smith:

In compiling this list I thought long and hard about my ultimate vampire film. I love vampires, at one time I was quite obsessed with the concept, and yet nearly all the movies in the genre leave me dissatisfied. The silent classics like Murnau’s Nosferatu are overly arty (and don’t get me started on the Herzog remake, which is one of the worst films ever made). The 1931 Bela Lugosi version doesn’t float my boat at all, although I tried really hard to like it. Hammer obviously did some great work in the field, and I have a guilty love of the Twilight movies – but thus far, the only vampire film that I can watch over and over again is Francis Ford Coppola’s 1992 production, pompously titled Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It sticks to the novel more than most, that’s for sure – and I love the book unreservedly…

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