Steve Emmett is 5′ 10″ in his sock feet, 58 years of age, and may weigh more than 120Kg depending on the time of day. What little hair he has left is brown going grey but, in years gone by, he had a rich unruly mop tamed according to fashion: poodle perm, New Romantic, bleached both in whole and part. His challenge to the barber these days is rather more workaday.


Steve studied architecture at the AA in London where he once witnessed Dame Zaha Hadid fall through a canvas chair (admittedly she was just plain Ms Hadid then). He spent most of his working life selling Italian country homes to northern Europeans and Americans, and spent many years living in London and Italy. He will always be grateful to Lehman Bros for wrecking his comfortable existence and providing him with the opportunity to improve himself.

He is a member of the British Humanist Association, worked for a while as the BHA’s Ceremonies Training Coordinator, and is a BHA Humanist Celebrant providing naming, wedding,  and funeral ceremonies across Yorkshire and The Humber.

He is a member of the Society of Authors and has reviewed for the New York Journal of Books (something he hopes to do more of). You may have come across him at the occasional book festival or book signing. He is always open to offers. Steve grew up on Hammer Horror films, Dennis Wheatley and M R James stories, so not surprising that his main aim when writing fiction is to put the frighteners up his readers. When not scaring people he likes to make them smile.

He likes to read, watch films, go to the theatre, go to concerts and the opera (he loves the opera), and travel. He has been known to frequent good restaurants and drink fine wine. There isn’t much going on in the world that doesn’t interest him and on which he hasn’t an opinion.

 “Have I discovered North Yorkshire’s answer to Stephen King?” The York Press book reviews*

Poke around and decide for yourselves. Discover my work, musical tastes, book and film reviews, thoughts and foibles, friends, and glimpses of my far-from-ordinary world.