Devilishly Good Score For Diavolino – And A Free Read

You know how time flies and you lose track of things, then for some reason you decide out of the blue to go and poke around in some of those forgotten corners? In the midst of writing my new novel (horror, yes, but I’m saying no more for now) I just upped and went over to Goodreads  to have a look at Diavolino. I had to smile and feel a little bit chuffed because it has 34 ratings with an average of 4.47 (out of 5). That’s good – so if you haven’t read it yet, maybe you should?

Here’s the link:

Scores 4.47 on Goodreads


Still not sure? Just for tomorrow (the Ides of March) I have made my short horror, KID, free on Amazon. You surely can’t turn down a free book?

Kid Free on Amazon 15th March


All I ask is, if you like Kid, take a look at Diavolino. No ereader? Don’t worry – the paperbacks are coming. Watch this space.



2 responses to “Devilishly Good Score For Diavolino – And A Free Read”

  1. Elin Gregory Avatar

    Grand idea, Steve. I’d love to read your work but I’m a total wuss about horror novels or films. This way I can try the Kid and, if I’m man enough, go on to Diavolino. Cheers.

    1. Steve Emmett Avatar

      Hi Elin. The funny thing is, if the gore of Kid repels you, you’ll prefer Diavolino! Diavolino is more subtle. (he says).

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