Diavolino – Trad Style

You all know my conversion to e-Books. And I know that you’re not all queueing up behind me! So, for those of you still in the print book world, I’m pleased to announce the arrival of Diavolino in trade paperback. Right now it’s on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, The Book Depository, and many more. So, if you’ve been waiting for this moment, I hope you enjoy the book. Once I get my own stock in I will be arranging some events (UK only for personal appearances, but we’ll see if we can manage some sort of happenings for the large numbers overseas – oh, and if you have any ideas or requests do let me know). If you’re  a reviewer without an e-reader, now’s your chance – just email me).


Barnes & Noble 


4 responses to “Diavolino – Trad Style”

  1. susanroebuck Avatar

    Great news, Steve! I wish you lots of sales

  2. miriamforster Avatar

    Congratulations on a paperback release! I was sent over by a Random Acts of Kindness post to say hi. Hello! 🙂

    1. Steve Emmett Avatar

      Well, thank you Miriam.

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