Yorkshire Ridings Magazine

I quite understand that some of you might have done a double take on the title of this post. What has a Yorkshire magazine got to do with horror? Oh, I can hear the hoots from the southerners already. Stop it and listen, or I’ll despatch a demon.

When I received my first batch of Diavolino paperbacks I sent one to Yorkshire Ridings Magazine. They’d shown interest last year when the eBook was published. YRM features lots of books because, erm, yes, we Yorkshire folk not only write books but read them too!  So I was really chuffed to bits this morning to hear that they are featuring Diavolino in their August issue (out 20th July).

Yorkshire Ridings Magazine is the fastest growing county magazine in Yorkshire. Here’s the link to their website: http://yorkshireridingsmagazine.com/

If you don’t want to miss out, you could always take out a subscription! Even if you live dahn sarf.


2 responses to “Yorkshire Ridings Magazine”

  1. Catherine Cavendish Avatar

    Well done Steve! I know this magazine and let us never forget that before they started messing around with the boundaries, Yorkshire was all one county – the largest in England. Yorkshire folk don’t forget that, are true to their roots and read their county’s magazines. Congratulations!

    1. Steve Emmett Avatar

      Very true, Catherine. It is good to be acknowledged by my home county and I’m grateful for it.

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