Christopher Lee and the…Transylvania Brass?

Undoubtedly the greatest living horror star is the ever dapper Sir Christopher Lee. But have you noticed the similarity between Lee and the god of easy listening, Herb Alpert? I think we deserve to be told, don’t you?



5 responses to “Christopher Lee and the…Transylvania Brass?”

  1. Elin Gregory Avatar

    “Listen to the children of the night! Is the cornet playing flat or is that just me?”

    1. Steve Emmett Avatar

      Such sweet music, Elin.

  2. Catherine Cavendish Avatar

    There’s one way to tell who’s who. Give Christopher Lee a trumpet and Herb Alpert a vampire.Shut them in a room and wait until the music stops…

  3. susanroebuck Avatar

    For many years – until today in fact (!) – I always thought he was called Herp Albert which was a slightly unfortunate name. Now I find he’s a Herb. Didn’t he do something with a Spanish flea? Now there’s no mistaking Christopher Lee’s name…And his mouth doesn’t look like it’s ever been round a trumpet.

    1. Steve Emmett Avatar

      Not quite sure what to say to that, Sue!

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