If You’re A Minimalist…

I am.

I stumbled across this site: http://www.minimalhome.com/

I love it.

Please buy my books as I need a lot of money now.


Le Corbusier – Villa Savoie

6 Comments on “If You’re A Minimalist…”

  1. … and one-sentence publicity drive, how minimalist!

    More of a maximumalisationist myself, housewise. Need somewhere to keep five years worth of back copies of Fortean Times and those nine cheesegraters which will come in handy one day….

  2. One day we will need to downsize but what will we do about all the books? Cannot bear to part with them – any of them. I know! Buy a house for the books and we’ll live in the shed. Sorted!

    • Minimalism has nothing to do with size/space, Cat. In fact, most minimalist houses are pretty vast. Plenty of room for books – it’s how they are stored that matters.

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