Great Coffee From The USA?

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You know how it is, even you’ve never been to the USA you’ve seen the snarky waitress with the jug filling up the diners’ mugs with brownish hot water that you can see her overall through. Despite all the hype, American coffee is yuk. Or is it? A company in Silicon Valley, Blossom, has just released an $11,000 coffee machine by the name of Blossom One Limited. At that price I’ll not be rushing to trade in my Italian Gaggia, but I’m intrigued.


According to the official Press Release, Blossom believes that it takes science, engineering, and art to brew a cup of insanely great coffee. The company started by trying to answer this simple question: What really happens when coffee and water are mixed? In pursuit of the answer, the process of coffee brewing was broken down to a combination of fundamental brew parameters that affect the extraction of flavor. Next, a system was designed and patented that could execute precise control over all of those parameters, and decoupled variables that are linked in traditional coffee brewing processes. Simply having great technology isn’t enough, as Blossom is now reaching out to the community at large and eliciting input from those who are truly crazy about coffee.

The machine incorporates QR Code technology. Why? According to Blossom’s website, QR makes it easy for anyone to brew perfect coffee. Coffee roasters can craft custom recipes on the Blossom One to achieve their ideal taste. They can then easily store those recipes in the cloud using the Blossom app, and print corresponding QR codes on their bags of coffee. They can update that recipe at any time, modify it as the beans age, and get analytics on when and how people drink their coffee. The end customer will need only to scan that code to brew the perfect cup and enjoy it exactly as the roaster intended.

Okay, okay. Why have I posted this on a horror site? Because:

a. Coffee is paramount to the horror writer.

b. Weak coffee is a sin (and we know about sin here).

c. It is time to end the plague of instant ‘coffee’. There is no excuse in this day and age.

e. Real coffee is very, very dark.

To see the official Press Release in full:

Blossom’s website:

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