To Rome With Love


How did I miss this? Well, I know, because at the time of the release my head was down writing and I was lost in the streets of, erm, Rome! Funny how things work out. And I still wouldn’t know about it (was there no advertising?) but for the weekly newsletter I get from the Royal Opera House. Thanks ROH!

It has some mixed reviews but I’m willing to give Woody a go on this one. Now aged 76 the American director sounds  bit like me in this interview (source WENN):

“Moviemaker Woody Allen has vowed never to retire while his health allows him to work.

The revered director, 76, insists he has no plans to slow down and will work until a heart attack forces him to rethink his schedule.

The Midnight in Paris filmmaker tells WENN, “I can’t see myself retiring and fondling a dog some place. I like to get up and work and go out. I have too much energy and nervous anxiety so I don’t see myself retiring.

“Maybe I’ll suddenly get a stroke or a heart attack and I’m forced to retire but, if my health holds out, I don’t expect to retire; but the money could run out.”

Read the full interview:






One response to “To Rome With Love”

  1. Catherine Cavendish Avatar

    I have a love/hate relationship with Woody Allen’s films. Some I adore though – like The Purple Rose of Cairo. Think I’ll give this one a go. Thanks Steve!

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