Open All Hours?

My son, in his final year at UCL and back in London after a year in Russia and Spain, came up to Dad’s to collect his motorbike (’tis the easiest and cheapest way around London). It had been in ‘the garage’ for some overdue TLC and you know how you always worry when you send a vehicle for an overhaul? Well, we had no need. We were really lucky to find one seriously decent and slightly wacky bike nut and genius (so he has a lot in common with Emmett Snr and Jnr 🙂 ) in John Warrington who runs this business in Malton, North Yorkshire:

The old MZ, I’m pleased to say, got Jnr back home safely, so ‘well done’ to him for braving the 220 miles in not-so-good weather and a big thanks to John Warrington.

You writers and readers alike might appreciate this notice in John’s shop. We loved it. And yes, this whole post has really been an excuse to share this:

Now, if you need your motorbike fixing/servicing/MOTing – get along to J W Motorcycles!

1 Comments on “Open All Hours?”

  1. I love that! It shows a wonderful confidence – if you know you’re the best you know that they’ll come back when you’re in. Yay, for John Warrington.

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