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Have you discovered hive?

It’s an online bookseller in the UK that let’s you collect your book(s) from an independent bookshop near you! And my book, Diavolino, is on it. So, whether you live in Scarborough or Scunthorpe, London or Leamington, you can pick up my book from a bookstore near you in a matter of days. This is what hive says on its website:

In 2010 was created with only one aim in mind: continuing to help and support the local independent bookshop. In a world which constantly sees the threat of this beautiful species being wiped out by anything to do with the internet, it was time to get serious – if we were going to see our beloved independents stay on the high streets, we had to act. And act fast. 

We asked ourselves, how can we increase footfall into the independents? How can we make sure they still get custom? And how can we link this all in with the behemoth that is the power of the internet, the very threat of the livelihood of our bookshops? How can we let them know that we love them? There must be something else… and so then, Hive was born.

Key attributes and selling points 

As well as offering the customer huge choice and competitive prices, Hive is a network of local independent retailers. Hive have brought hundreds of local independent bookshops from across the UK together on one easy-to-use website, along with a wide range of books, ebooks, DVDs, music and more. Hive offer the flexibility to pick up purchases from a Hive Network bookshop of the customer’s choice with free delivery. Hive can also of course deliver to customers’ home addresses.

Visit hive now by clicking the banner below. And please remember to order Diavolino!:-) homepage

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