Nursery Rhyme Winter Horror

Look out! Look out!
Jack Frost is about!
He’s after our fingers and toes…

I mean, that’s a daft thing to tell a small child, isn’t it? What’s the difference between fingers and toes and, say, an arm or a leg. Or a head? Or maybe a liver?

As I drove into town this morning, after scraping the windscreen once again, and I saw how white everything was with the heavy frost, I realised how we so often associate horror with heat. The fires of Hell, for example. Inferno. I did in Diavolino, raising the temperature in more ways than one. But the cold can be a vehicle for evil and horror just as easily, as the quote above from C. E. Pike’s poem shows.

Can you think of any other instances of cold/winter horror stories, poems, rhymes or even films? I’ll give you another to make you shiver. A film this time – THAW:



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6 responses to “Nursery Rhyme Winter Horror”

  1. Julia Kavan Avatar

    Films that spring to mind… The Thing, Thirty Days of Night. Books… A Cold Season (no doubt more will spring to mind as soon as I hit ‘post’) And wandering slightly off the snow-covered tracks into the woods….. beware The Judderman…

    1. Steve Emmett Avatar

      Oh, 30 days of night is nice! A Cold Season is set oop north – but not very scary, Julia.

      1. Julia Kavan Avatar

        Of course you can’t forget The Shining… and Misery, which I remember as being wintry, tho I could be wrong…

  2. Elin Gregory Avatar

    “The Thing From Another World”, 1951, in which scientists and air force personnnel are menaced by some kind of alien that has crash landed in the arctic and there’s a blizzard so they can’t escape! Or something. James Arness starred as “The Thing”!!

    1. Steve Emmett Avatar

      Long time since I saw that. *goes to search*

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