Judging from the lack of response to my Twitter and Facebook calls of  ‘AIUTO’ I am not the only who has been utterly stumped by the demise of Follow Friday Helper. Thing is, I appreciate all the #FFs and #WWs that some of you keep sending me – but other than a quick RT or a Reply I can’t reciprocate. I’d love to, but unless someone can tell me how I can possibly manage to keep up with it all, I’m afraid I will just look like a miserable old scrote who doesn’t want to #FF or #WW or #FFS for that matter.

Someone told me I just have to start typing with the @ and anyone I follow will come up. They don’t. I’ve tried that. Even best followers/followees don’t. It all seems totally random.

So please. Can someone let me know what the #FF I do? ;-(


Thanks to the very switched on Julia Kavan for pointing me to the all new Follow Friday Helper:







5 responses to “#FF: FFS”

  1. Lisa McCourt Hollar Avatar

    I’ve stopped FF’s. It just takes too much time and I worry I will leave someone off. I still do WW’s… but that is mostly a call out to the people that regularly enter my contest on Wednesday. A reminder to them and a mention so other people check out their awesomeness.

    1. Admin Avatar

      But how do you do the WWs? How do you know who to add?

  2. Catherine Cavendish Avatar

    I’m sorry, I haven’t a clue (hang on, doesn’t that sound like an excellent title for a radio programme? BBC Radio 4 I think…)

    1. Admin Avatar

      Really? I haven’t a clue. Sorry!

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