Writing or Crime?

Which pays best, do you think? Author Julian Kavan found an online identikit creator (what is she doing?) and decided to practice on me. She says I look like Mao Tse Tung. Or maybe an international criminal. What do you think?


Baby Face EmmettWanted For Crimes Against Romantic Fiction
Baby Face Emmett
Wanted For Crimes Against Romantic Fiction



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8 responses to “Writing or Crime?”

  1. Catherine Cavendish Avatar

    Ah, run to earth at last I see. ‘Twas only a matter of time…

  2. Elin Gregory Avatar

    Oh wow! All you need is a white cat and a diamond pinky ring and you’re set to rule the world.

    1. Admin Avatar

      How about a dog? I hate cats.

      1. Elin Gregory Avatar

        Hmm not a lap dog. How about a pair of wolfhounds. They would look so effortlessly noble.

      2. Admin Avatar

        A couple of Borzoi?

      3. Elin Gregory Avatar

        Oh NICE choice. You’d have to have a minion to groom them but that would be no problem.

  3. susanroebuck Avatar

    Wanted dead or alive? Steve Emmett also known as The Eminent. Reward.

  4. Julia Kavan Avatar

    How about a couple of whippets? 🙂 *prays he doesn’t figure out how to use the identikit*

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