Lookalikes: Bringing Up The Dead







Author Hilary Mantel (what is it with that exaggerated pronounciation?) has been having a go at future Queen Kate for being a bit plastic. I couldn’t help noticing the amazing similarity between Queen of the Prizes who writes about old royals, and Queen of the People who used to keep young royals in line. Are they related? I think we should be told.




1 Comments on “Lookalikes: Bringing Up The Dead”

  1. Nice one, Steve! As for the emphasis on the second syllable of her name, I remember a certain Conservative politician -Norman Lamont – also insisted on prmouncing his surname with the emphasis on the second syllable. But was he from some fancy French aristocratic stock? Not a bit of it, a Glaswegian former docker told me. Lamont is as Scottish as haggis and should be pronounced with the emphasis firmly on the first syllable. Something for Mr Lamont to lament over perhaps…

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