Martyrs: It will leave your nerves raw

News of a French suspense shocker today that will delight those of you who enjoy truly disturbing films.


When a little girl, Lucie, is found half naked and lost by a country road after being missing for over a year, she is unable to tell police anything about what has happened to her. The police soon find out where she was incarcerated – but, as she bears no traces of sexual abuse, the reasons for her abduction and what has been done to her remain a mystery. Fifteen years later, Lucie has grown up into a beautiful but traumatised young woman, and her obsessive quest for revenge against the people who kidnapped and tormented her leads her on a terrifying journey into into darkness and depravity.


No unexplained toilet needs in Martyrs

One reviewer said for the first time ever he had to look away from the screen as he couldn’t bear the suffering. I can’t say I did, but it made me wince. Martyrs is sick, no doubt about it, but the tale behind it is all too believable in a world where a rich few have so much power. Yet another winner from Europe.

old bag

This evil old bag is superb

Martyrs is available on Lovefilm instant. Watch it.

3 Comments on “Martyrs: It will leave your nerves raw”

  1. It had such a dismal ending I had to watch 3 hours of the Three Stooges just to get back to my normal brooding, cynical self. But, I will say, it is not the US film companies that are making cutting edge horror films, it is France, Australia, Canada, etc… Not worrying about getting a PG-13 rating and not trying to be a blockbuster hit to please the big money-hungry studios, enables them to make some serious horror films!

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