Number One on Kindle

When I wrote my wicked little eBook about Italians I never dreamt it would be bought in Italy. I did it all rather tongue-in-cheek and my partner actually worried that I might be hunted down by craggy-faced, suntanned thugs in pinstriped suits. So you can imagine my amazement to find it at No1 on under English Language Travel Guides! I am not expecting any offers of employment from the Italian State Tourist Office.




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7 responses to “Number One on Kindle”

  1. Julia Kavan Avatar

    Have to say, being hunted down by craggy-faced, suntanned thugs in pinstriped suits doesn’t seem too bad to me 🙂 Well done!

  2. Catherine Cavendish Avatar

    Well done, Steve! I’m making the Ragu you recommended tomorrow! Will be very difficult to resist the odd touch of garlic though…

  3. Parlor of Horror Avatar

    Congrats Steve, its great to see people still have a sense of humor.

    1. Admin Avatar

      Thanks. I guess some still do!

  4. Aine Harris Avatar
    Aine Harris

    Remember me!!! I’m the one who loves the smell of books and sells leaflets. Loving this, Steve.

    1. Admin Avatar

      How could I forget! Thanks – glad to see you are enjoying your Kindle.

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