Alex Beecroft & Elin Gregory discuss Erotica vs. Romance and (Mis)Marketing

Reblogging this as it’s very relevant to publishing today

The Armchair Reader

Hello, Cole, and thank you so much for hosting us today.

Thanks to both of you! I found this post really interesting (especially from an author’s view) so I’ll be adding my thoughts to the comments 🙂 But I’ll leave this part open, so everyone can get to the post!

Just a Note:Elin’s comments are in Blue and Alex’s are in Green, though their names are also marked.

This post is an attempt to express a little of the frustration experienced when writing one thing but finding that it is being marketed, and therefore judged, as something else.

In February the Library Journal posted an article about the sudden popularity of erotica, inspired by the success of Fifty Shades of Gray. The author of the article also devoted a couple of paragraphs to M/M:

“Another growing subgenre in erotica to watch is that of M/M fiction, ……

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