To Hell With It

I’ve been awake rather a long time and it’s barely turned 9am. Why? Getting angry. I don’t get angry much, I’m a calm person as a rule and others tell me I have a calming influence. But last night I read something that really upset me, and I’ve been writing a blog post in my head. Then just about an hour ago another piece of information came my way that had the same effect as having a brick thrown in my face (I know, it may be improvement). Neither of these things is personal to me, other than they affect writers and publishing in general, but the implications of what one who should know better has said, and one who should know better has done, create a rather bad start to the day for any writer.


Hear no evil
If you own the copyright to this brilliant image please contact me


But as a calm person I have decided to trash the post and share some music to banish the bad thoughts. Here’s The Dance of the Furies and Ghosts (known usually as just The Dance of the Furies) from Gluck‘s opera Orpheus and Eurydice. I am sure you know that Orpheus went to the Underworld (not the knicker factory) to rescue his wife. Enjoy. I am now writing.

Oh, to Hell with it! Look at this clip if you want cheering up. Offenbach gave us the Can Can in Orpheus in the Underworld.


You all know it. This is Moulin Rouge‘s take on it – with the utterly fabulous Jim Broadbent.

Dontcha just want to be at that party?



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6 responses to “To Hell With It”

  1. Julia Kavan Avatar

    Well, Dance of the Furies is wonderful! Love it… 🙂

    1. Admin Avatar

      Thought you might!

  2. Fabrizio Memon Avatar

    Oh my, That is just wonderful (DoF). Was saying just on Sunday how rarely i enjoy dance and today you destroy my position. Thank you, just a lovely thing to watch with my cup of tea

    1. Admin Avatar

      Hey, thanks Fabrizio! How are things in Abruzzo?

  3. Catherine Cavendish Avatar

    Brilliant! Hope you’re not as upset now, Steve!

    1. Admin Avatar

      Me? Nah. After seeing Diane Abbott talking about Thatcher I’m just ill.

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