Italians Seem To Appreciate My Wicked Sense Of Humour – No.1 Again

So look. I know it’s not the same as being No.1 in the NY bestseller lists, but for a little tongue-in-cheek eBook I reckon I’m entitled to crow just a teeny bit. This morning A-Z of Understanding Italians has gone back to No1 in Italy (yes, Italy), but just look –


In Travel
In Travel


In Humour
In Humour


In erm, CHILDREN'S Humour??
In erm, CHILDREN’S Humour??









4 responses to “Italians Seem To Appreciate My Wicked Sense Of Humour – No.1 Again”

  1. Catherine Cavendish Avatar

    best seller for kids? They grow up FAST in Italy! This is a cracking good book – and the recipe is delicious, but do follow Steve’s instructions to the letter. My fingers were itching to add garlic but I see now it really wouldn’t have worked

    1. Admin Avatar

      I know. Actually, if you look at the listing there are some even more inappropriate books there. I never, ever included the category! Glad you liked the ragu, Cat.

  2. Anne Lange Avatar

    Congrats Steve!

    1. Admin Avatar

      Well, thank you Signora Lange.

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