Yorkshire Tory Against Humanist Marriage, For Faith Schools

I emailed my (I use that little word very broadly) MP to ask her to support the making of  Humanist marriages legal. Here’s her reply in full (errors Ms McIntosh’s, not mine)…There’s a lot in here if you look. I’ve never voted for her so can’t withdraw my support. No wonder she’s called mcinTOSH.


Dear Mr Emmett,

 Thank you for your letter regarding the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill. I read your comments with great interest.

 The Bill will be returning to the Commons on 20th and 21st May, for Report Stage which allows the consideration of amendments and the Third Reading.

 As before, I shall continue to defend the sanctity of marriage and therefore I shall be supporting amendments that look to protect faith schools, marriage registrars, protect free speech, prevent public bodies from being able to punish religious bodies that do not take part in same sex weddings, ensures beliefs about traditional marriage are protected by equality law, prevent judicial review of a denomination’s decision not to opt-in to same sex weddings, clarifies that a refusal to take part in same sex weddings by a church does not constitute discrimination under equality law, and makes commencement of the Marriages (Same Sex Couples) Bill dependent on approval by a majority in a national referendum.

 I am not minded to support humanist marriages as my fundamental belief is to protect the sanctity of traditional marriage. Any extension of a marriage ceremony to humanists would weaken the celebration of a traditional marriage and I feel are not compatible with my religious beliefs.

 Yours sincerely,

Anne McIntosh


Office of Anne McIntosh LLB MP

Member of Parliament for Thirsk, Malton and Filey

Chairman of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee


I highlighted faith schools there because I consider them one of the greatest hindrances to progress. I find it unacceptable that ‘my’ MP supports them. This link will take you to the programme made on the subject by Richard Dawkins



If you want to know more about Humanism visit the British Humanist Association’s website by clicking the image below:








5 responses to “Yorkshire Tory Against Humanist Marriage, For Faith Schools”

  1. Julia Kavan Avatar

    I am still waiting to hear what ‘my’ MP has to say. Will let you know.

    1. Admin Avatar

      Do come and let us know, Julia. I have replied to mine and will update here when I get something back. IF I get something.

  2. shehannemoore Avatar

    you know the error say it all.

  3. Elin Gregory Avatar

    What sanctity? This sort of thoughtless regurgitation of dogma makes me see red.

    1. Admin Avatar

      Indeed. The more I read her letter the more red I become.

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