Eurovision Special


Well, it’s that date again when Europe is subjected to the audible and visual disappointments of the Eurovision Song Contest. So today I’m doing a little twist on my Look-alike series. Not look-alikes, but name-alikes.

Bonnie Tyler
Bonnie Tyler
Bonnie Langford
Bonnie Langford

Definition of bonny

(also bonnie)
adjective (bonnier, bonniest)chiefly Scottish & Northern English
  • attractive or beautiful:a bonny lass

When I was a kid, there was bloke in our town called Pan Arse. No, no photos.

Thanks to Pelotard for these topical lookalikes (any more?):
Romanian Entry
Romanian Entry Cezar


Well, as a Hellraiser fan I am shocked to find that Pinhead has been castrated just to give the Romanians a chance:



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6 responses to “Eurovision Special”

  1. Pelotard Avatar

    The bloke from Romania looks exactly like Megamind.

    1. Admin Avatar

      Thanks, Pelo. I’ve added them to the post. They the ones you had in mind?

  2. Julia Kavan Avatar

    Think Romania might win it… mind control via some high frequency hidden in his voice…

    1. Admin Avatar

      I’ve made an addition at the bottom of the post, Julia.

  3. Julia Kavan Avatar

    We’ll tear your eardrums apart…

    1. Admin Avatar

      We have such shite to show you?

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