The Monk Raises A Question

At the weekend I watched The Monk, Dominik Moll‘s supernatural thriller adapted from Matthew G. Lewis’ 1796 gothic novel of the same name. I really enjoyed it and must persist with the book which has been on my Kindle for the best part of two years.


monk dvd



I do agree that it’s far superior to The Woman in Black which bored me so much I dozed off – something I usual do only while being forced to watch action films! Here’s the trailer:




Now you know how my mind works and I wonder if you’ve had the same thought – how come Vincent Cassel (French film superstar and playing the lead role in The Monk) looks exactly like English soap actor Ian Reddington? I think we should be told.









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2 responses to “The Monk Raises A Question”

  1. shehannemoore Avatar

    plastic surgery

    1. Admin Avatar

      Oh, that reminds of Plastique Bertrand!

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