Greg Miller’s ‘Voice of the People’

Saturday 15th June, 17:00 CDT

Radio 4.jpg

I’m Greg Miller’s guest on his Saturday radio show Voice of the People.

Greg Miller (I feel kind of scared)
Greg Miller
(I feel kind of scared)

Here’s the link to listen in

Listeners will be able to phone in on (504) 273-7379 to the New Orleans studio during the live show.

17:00 CDT is of course 23:00 BST, so if you can’t stay awake you can always email your questions for me to Greg at:

(Just put ‘Question for Steve Emmett’ in the subject box)

I asked Greg to let me have a brief biography. Here it is:

Gregory Miller

Planetary Vision – Entrepreneur (Institutional Investments Advisor)

Principal of  PGPC Capital Group http://PGPCG.TK & Non-Profits http://HELPKIDS.TK,

Host of the Voice of the People Radio program, http://VOTPR.TK

Executive Director at

Co-Founder of

I am my breath. http://MYBREATH.TK


2 responses to “Greg Miller’s ‘Voice of the People’”

  1. thewriteromantics Avatar

    We really enjoy the posts on this blog, so much so that we have nominated it for an award. Please check out the link to the Leibster award at

    1. Admin Avatar

      Oh! Well, it’s not very romantic here but thanks very much.

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