Day two-Getting Horrible With Steve

I’m threatening my hero over at Shehanne’s

shehanne moore

Firstly I do want to apologize about yesterday and say that of course Noelle and Abbie are the very best of friends as you can see of this latest picture of Noelle here, released late last night after she too was released from hospital,


and that the tarantula which somehow-by mistake-wound up on Abbie’s t-shirt was a plastic one.

Today, in my bid to help and support fellow authors, I have invited along Steve Emmett. It is my great pleasure to do so. I love being able to introduce fresh blood to the blog, although maybe, in the context of what Steve writes that is perhaps not the right word to use.


Steve-pictured above- is here today with Tom Lupton, the hero of Diavolino, product description…..paradise is just one step from hell….. to explain to him just why he should be in the book.

Tom. Firstly Steve, before we even start, a…

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