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New Dracula? Here’s My Point



I guess, being a horrific lot, you already know about the new Dracula series? If nothing else, it serves to remind people of one of the greatest evils ever created, and no doubt gives me a wonderful opportunity to do some shameless plugging for my recently completed novel Blood of the Gods (which is actually nothing like Dracula, whichever version you choose). In my novel, there is no vampire slaying – but that doesn’t mean I can’t let you have a peek at this antique vampire slaying kit. I have a couple of items up for auction at Tennants www.tennants.co.uk and I felt quite desolate to find out that I had missed my chance to buy this. It’s real and genuine, and includes a bible, stakes, mallet, bottles for water and the whole caboodle.

Fangs for dropping by. May your weekend have a point to it 🙂







10 thoughts on “New Dracula? Here’s My Point”

  1. I expect this version of Dracula will bear as much similarity to the source material as did The Tudors – ie there actually was a king called Henry Viii.

  2. It’s sad you missed getting the vampire hunting kit, Steve, but it went to a good home. The Royal Armouries bought it. I remember seeing their blog post about it last year.

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