Creature Features revisited – the ’It’ Movies

A film that is even older than I am

parlor of horror

it came from beneath the sea pic 3

Creature Features revisited

A look back at the golden age of sci-fi, the 1950‘s. Our subject today…

The ‘It’ Movies:

Itcamefromouterspace posterIt Came from Outer Space (1953)

Despite the fact that the creature doesn’t seem to be on the same level with special-fx for its time, this film is still a classic because of a good script and some good acting. ‘It’ is a one-eyed bulbous creature with many cottony flaps hanging from it like a jellyfish. It floats across the ground at its victims. Many times it floats toward the camera because this film was Universal’s first 3D movie. A spacecraft crashes in the Arizona desert. A young couple, Carlson and Ellen, see the crash from their cabin in an impressive scene. Convinced it is a meteorite, Carlson heads to the impact site and witnesses a craft of some kind before it is buried in the earth by a cave-in…

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One response to “Creature Features revisited – the ’It’ Movies”

  1. Catherine Cavendish Avatar

    Ah yes, these old sci-fi films. We have a collection of them. I love it when you find that the set of the space ship has been made up of knobs off old Parkinson Cowan gas cookers (seriously!) and bits of kitchen foil. They just don’t like ’em like that anymore. Now we have to put up with sophisticated CGI (bored sigh)

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