8. Carrie (1976)

Rupert Smith

The American high school might be my favourite setting for horror films, for all sorts of reasons. Obviously there are going to be sexually attractive actors playing much younger than their real age, which is always fun. I love the idea of a mundane environment being wrecked by evil monsters. But even more than this, I enjoy the peculiar love/hate relationship that Americans seems to have with their school system. There are always bullying jocks, weak teachers, mean slutty girls and put-upon nerds and outcasts. Nobody ever seems to learn anything: they’re too busy being beaten up in the showers. Carrie is one of my ultimate school films, but it has the massive added attraction of a demented religious mother and a girl with unfortunate superpowers. Sissy_Spacek_as_Carrie_White,_1976Everyone knows this film by heart, so there’s no point in going over what happens – but God, the set-pieces are so good and…

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