Thor and his Dark World… A Renfield Review

Are they in love?

Word Bullets

tumblr_msw3ilELAW1shbp5ko1_500On Tuesday Spawn and I ventured out into the cold darkness of winter, quite appropriately as it happens, to see Thor 2. Now I kinda loathed Thor mark 1. Aside from the infrequent exposure of la Hemsworth’s outrageous bodily fortune I found it thin on the ground. Narrow. Despite the magnificence of Asgard, the delightful gloomy cold of Jotunheim and, of course, la Hiddles unparalleled brilliance as Thor’s snotty half-brother, the part frost giant, possible god of mischief Loki, Thor 1 fundamentally failed to grasp my attention. It bored me. I laughed once, at the cup smashing moment, and the rest of the time I spent squinting at the screen, wondering why on earth it was Brannagh was expecting me to invest in. His attempt at a sweeping epic? Odin’s beard? Gold bullion?

I suspect half the problem for me was the eventual reduction of action to the one tiny…

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