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  • Oklahoma’s war on secularism

    Oklahoma\’s war on secularism. via Oklahoma’s war on secularism.

  • Shine on…A Sunny Award for me?

    I was just poking my finger into the giant bag of humbugs I keep in the house at this time of year, when the lovely Catherine Cavendish went and awarded me this awfully bright, shiny, sunny and horribly fairyish award. I mean, thanks and all that, Cat, very nice of you, but can you see…

  • ‘The Ripper’ featured in Massacre Magazine !!

  • I’ve been Massacred

    The first issue of new horror publication MASSACRE MAGAZINE is out, and I’m not only in it but IN it. Open the pages of this first issue of Massacre Magazine and release a plague of darkness. Nearly thirty thousand carefully crafted words from some of today’s most promising horror writers. Bestselling author Rupert Smith talks…

  • Why horror?

    Originally posted on Rupert Smith: A journalist recently asked me why it’s taken so many years and a dozen or more novels to get round to writing horror. The answer is that I never really needed to do it till now. I had a subject – the strangeness of small towns – and I needed…

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