Follow Friday


Judging from the lack of response to my Twitter and Facebook calls of  ‘AIUTO’ I am not the only who has been utterly stumped by the demise of Follow Friday Helper. Thing is, I appreciate all the #FFs and #WWs that some of you keep sending me – but other than a quick RT or a Reply I can’t reciprocate. I’d love to, but unless someone can tell me how I can possibly manage to keep up with it all, I’m afraid I will just look like a miserable old scrote who doesn’t want to #FF or #WW or #FFS for that matter.

Someone told me I just have to start typing with the @ and anyone I follow will come up. They don’t. I’ve tried that. Even best followers/followees don’t. It all seems totally random.

So please. Can someone let me know what the #FF I do? ;-(


Thanks to the very switched on Julia Kavan for pointing me to the all new Follow Friday Helper: