Through this Glass, darkly…

Cover of "Candyman"

Cover of Candyman

Before I give you my music for today’s mood, let me ask this: do you remember Candyman?

The music was composed by minimalist Philip Glass, the film based on Clive Barker‘s short story ‘The Forbidden’. Glass is as good a composer as Barker is a writer, and thus my choice of music for today; it portrays my mood rather well.

Philip Glass, Monumenta 2008

Philip Glass, Monumenta 2008 (Photo credit: looking4poetry)

Philip Glass, Metamorphosis

From Russia with Love

Obama Putin

So the Americans and the Russians are falling out again.

The Kremlin is “disappointed” the US cancelled bilateral talks due in September, since Russia granted temporary asylum to Edward Snowden.

Vladimir Putin’s foreign affairs adviser said the move showed the US could not deal with Russia on an “equal basis”.

A White House spokesman said Mr Snowden’s asylum had deepened the pre-existing tension between the two countries.

So, here’s my earworm for the day, dedicated to Barak Obama: Russian March Fantasy Opus 353 by J Strauss II