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  • Dark Recesses

    At last the long-awaited First Issue of Dark Recesses is out!   Get your free copy here:

  • I Lurk in Dark Recesses

    I was really chuffed when Uncle Fester from the new magazine Dark Recesses asked me to submit an article for the first issue. Look what a fine job they have made of the cover! Have to wait to 1st October to read it, so keep your eyes open. The website is here:

  • Kid Bless You, America

    What a response to my short horror KID on Thank you!

  • New Dracula? Here’s My Point

      I guess, being a horrific lot, you already know about the new Dracula series? If nothing else, it serves to remind people of one of the greatest evils ever created, and no doubt gives me a wonderful opportunity to do some shameless plugging for my recently completed novel Blood of the Gods (which is…

  • Writing a novel: need it be solitary?

    I’m guest blogging at Savvy Authors on the subject of working as a co-writer. Come over and have a look. Leave a question there and I’ll answer it.