New Dracula? Here’s My Point



I guess, being a horrific lot, you already know about the new Dracula series? If nothing else, it serves to remind people of one of the greatest evils ever created, and no doubt gives me a wonderful opportunity to do some shameless plugging for my recently completed novel Blood of the Gods (which is actually nothing like Dracula, whichever version you choose). In my novel, there is no vampire slaying – but that doesn’t mean I can’t let you have a peek at this antique vampire slaying kit. I have a couple of items up for auction at Tennants and I felt quite desolate to find out that I had missed my chance to buy this. It’s real and genuine, and includes a bible, stakes, mallet, bottles for water and the whole caboodle.

Fangs for dropping by. May your weekend have a point to it 🙂







I’m Not Really An Egoiste

Egoiste Plat


Not really, no. I do use Chanel’s Egoiste Platinum because I happen to like it. And it’s a great excuse to remind you all of this brilliant Jean Paul Goude advert for their Egoiste. Pity the ad for the Platinum wasn’t up to the same standard. In my humble opinion this is the best ad ever. Anyone better it?

H6 – Diary of a Serial Killer


This is a super-stylish Spanish horror about a religious maniac ‘purifying’ the unworthy in a dimly-lit former brothel. Antonio Frau has just served a long prison sentence for killing his girlfriend in the heat of a dispute and, as it soon becomes clear, his time inside has not rehabilitated him. During his incarceration, Antonio has inherited The Pension Paraiso – a decrepit brothel – from an aunt, and he puts it to good use as his own  abode. He buys a new freezer immediately (clue). On an internet dating service, he meets and marries an innocent woman and is soon living on the straight and narrow, renovating the bordello to its former dismal glory.  But old habits die hard and Antonio also runs a little sideline in redemption in room H6…


Domestic bliss

H6 is an atmospheric masterpiece, bringing to life the faded glory of the old hostel-cum-brothel. The publicity branded it the Spanish answer to Hostel, but that doesn’t do it any favours. Hostel is a shallow plot with a simplistic message, relying on shocking gore to sell tickets. H6 is a thoughtful study of the mind – of a madman scarred by an imperfect childhood and of the dangers of religion. And it delivers the message subtly. There is gore, but much of it is implied rather than in your face.


Antonio Frau

The psycho-sexual nature of H6 hooked me, as it resonates with the novel I am currently completing together with author Julia Kavan.  Only one thing puzzled me: someone tied to a table for a week would either be lying in their own excrement or would need some toilet solution. No answer is forthcoming.

Not even a crossed leg

Not even a crossed leg

Aside from the mysterious bowels, I highly recommend H6. It’s currently on Lovefilm (UK) streaming but only for a few more days.

Italians A-Z

With the Italian elections coming up I thought what better time to release a wicked little book about Italians and their ways. It’s not horror – it’s an irreverent look at some of the things you need to know in order to make any visit to Italy less frustrating. I hope you’ll get a laugh out of it. Oh, and I’ve thrown in a brilliant recipe!


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Are you heading to Italy for your holidays? Planning to buy a house there? However long you stay you’ll be better prepared if you read this highly irreverent booklet. Why is Italy full of old contes? Why do you need half a day to draw cash on your credit card? Why do Audis travel in pairs? Why should you be afraid of old men in trilbys, especially when they are behind the wheel of a Fiat Panda? Is every fat man called Pavarotti? What is Italian customer service? Why aren’t cappuccinos hot? Why do the lights go off when you iron? What is meant by ‘could be’ ? All these mysteries and more are explained by confessed Italiophile Steve Emmett. He even throws in a traditional recipe for ragu which alone has to be worth more than the cover price.

Steve Emmett sold Italian country homes for almost twenty-five years and lived there for a decade. He is now an acclaimed horror writer who has combined his writing skills with a deep knowledge of Italy and an acid wit to create this highly amusing and informative booklet. It’s wicked, very non-PC and full of sweeping generalizations but, if you have an interest in Italy and Italians, it’s bound to make you laugh.

Circa 11,200 words.