First Published: 14th August 2011

2nd Edition: 1st August 2013

ASIN: B005HE159O

Born hideously ugly, his mother never even named him. When illness made him deaf he was cast out to live alone in the forest. The sheriff found him ideal as torturer and executioner. Then, one night, a visitor called bearing a gift. All Kid had to do was choose…

Set in medieval England, Kid is the disturbing tale of a poor lad born so ugly and deformed that his father ran away and his mother made him live with the pigs. Eventually, after illness stole his hearing, Kid went to live alone deep in the forest. When he is stumbled upon by the sheriff, Kid is forced to work as the town’s torturer and executioner. One evening when he returns from work, Kid is visited by a mysterious stranger. He has a gift to give, but Kid has to choose…

Kid is available only from Amazon and free to borrow on Amazon Prime

What the reviewers said:

“I swear I spent more time thinking about this book than reading it. At only 12 pages long, you might not think that an author can cram in scenes so vivid that every sense comes alive. It’s creepy and disturbing. I think the choice Kid made was 100% the wrong choice. The ending isn’t well-defined but I’m left with the feeling that the results of this gift aren’t going to make Kid’s life any better. Definitely a 5 star short story.”

Lizzy Lessard on Goodreads

Remember Steve Emmett’s “Diavolino”? You know, the one that makes Stephen King’s most horrifying fiction seem like fairy stories; the one that, if you’re fortunate enough to be in Italy, makes you check out your surroundings twice.

If you thought that was a masterpiece of horror, take a look at his “Kid”. This may be a short story but Steve has condensed as much into it as most authors would in a complete novel. He excels at concise, no-holds-barred prose and this is horror in its rawest form. If you love to be terrified, then this is a page turner that will have you panting for more. It had my eyes out on stalks, and I’m not squeamish. A keeper.

Susan Roebuck

“‘Kid’ is a short story but is certainly not a small story. In just a few pages, Steve Emmett packs a full and horrifying story guaranteed to conjure up terrifying images. Not one for the fainthearted. Be prepared to be chilled – and thoroughly entertained.”

Catherine Cavendish


5 responses to “Dark”

  1. Yvonne Avatar

    Hi Steve,

    I came across your site more by accident than design, when I tracked down an interview that you conducted with the writer of the short story ‘Dreaming Not Sleeping’, Julia Kavan.

    The interview was great, but my attention was then drawn to your book Diavoloino. The synopsis sounds great and the cover art very arresting. I am longing to read this great story and will be buying the book as soon as ….

    1. Steve Emmett Avatar

      Thank you, Yvonne. Much appreciated.

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  3. tracy dorey Avatar
    tracy dorey

    Hi Steve, our good friend Ian Dougall loaned me his copy of Diavolino, and I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading it, brilliant story, looking forward to a sequel???

    1. Steve Emmett Avatar

      Thanks, Tracy! I can’t promise a sequel just yet, but another horror…be patient a little longer.

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