Greg Miller’s ‘Voice of the People’

Saturday 15th June, 17:00 CDT

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I’m Greg Miller’s guest on his Saturday radio show Voice of the People.

Greg Miller (I feel kind of scared)

Greg Miller
(I feel kind of scared)

Here’s the link to listen in

Listeners will be able to phone in on (504) 273-7379 to the New Orleans studio during the live show.

17:00 CDT is of course 23:00 BST, so if you can’t stay awake you can always email your questions for me to Greg at:

(Just put ‘Question for Steve Emmett’ in the subject box)

I asked Greg to let me have a brief biography. Here it is:

Gregory Miller

Planetary Vision – Entrepreneur (Institutional Investments Advisor)

Principal of  PGPC Capital Group http://PGPCG.TK & Non-Profits http://HELPKIDS.TK,

Host of the Voice of the People Radio program, http://VOTPR.TK

Executive Director at

Co-Founder of

I am my breath. http://MYBREATH.TK

Savage Amusement

This bright and sunny Monday (though still bitterly cold and windy, I must say) I felt like getting off to a lively start. Last week a follower commented how he rarely gets much enjoyment from dance, so this little excerpt from Rameau’s 1735 opera-ballet Les Indes galantes will hopefully set him off on the right foot.



Incidentally, this piece is commonly known as the Dance of the Savages, not terribly PC these days. However, note that it is knocking on for 300 years old and was inspired by Louis XV’s meeting with chiefs of the Illinois Metchigamea tribe when they sealed a pact by dancing in the Theatre Italien. Does this treasure we have inherited justify the French invasion of Illinois? Not in my book, but we can still enjoy it as a product of the times.


Livide – French and Tasty

Livide is a 2011 French supernatural horror film directed and written by Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo.


Within a vast, desolate and slowly decaying mansion an ageing woman lies in a coma kept alive by a life support machine. Assigned to look after her (hey, this is the official blurb – she isn’t exactly ‘assigned to look after her’ but it spoils it not one jot), a young care worker named Lucy discovers that the old woman is Madame Jessel, previously a ballet teacher of some repute and rumored to have hidden great riches inside the house.

Livide 3

Determined to find the treasure, Lucy and two of her friends break in at night but uncover a darker secret that will throw them into a deadly labyrinth of supernatural hell.

This still is here especially for Julia Kavan

This still is here especially for Julia Kavan

I have to say the French continually turn out better films than food. Livide had some bad reviews – and good – but I enjoyed it. My sole criticism is that in some shots the lighting could have been better: dark is dark, we know, but watching a black screen makes it hard to follow the story. Cependant – 8.5/10