The Horror of Living in a Box

So the UK government is finally waking up to the fact that new homes which have been built in recent decades are too small for comfort (see the news item at BBC). This is good news, but much overdue. There are minimum standards for social housing, but not for the private sector. What does this […]

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I heard that Ray Cusick, the man who designed the Daleks, has passed away. It prompted me to post on Facebook that I had a Dalek play suit when I was little. Not the cheap and nasty one but the rare item from Skorpion Automotives. They were rare because Skorpion was exterminated by a fire. […]

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The Land of Parentopoli

Thanks to the BBC for blasting this out in the article Nepotism alive and kicking in Italy. I won’t spoil the article for you with a summary, just go read it. Nepotism runs throughout Italian society. If you know the right person you can get a job, a discount, a table in a packed restaurant, […]

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Pompeii: cadavers or casts?

With so much tripe on British television I am always filled with joy when the brilliant historian Mary Beard shows up with one of her inspiring programmes. I don’t know if there is a Mary Beard fan club but if there is please send me the link to join. Ancient Rome often inspires my writing […]

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