I heard that Ray Cusick, the man who designed the Daleks, has passed away. It prompted me to post on Facebook that I had a Dalek play suit when I was little. Not the cheap and nasty one but the rare item from Skorpion Automotives. They were rare because Skorpion was exterminated by a fire. I managed to find a picture of the very suit I had, thanks to The Confessions of Who blogspot:

Dalek Suit

It was so cool. The gun arm had a flashing light and the eye also illuminated. The top was rigid, the skirt made of plastic which I can smell just looking at the picture. Did you have one? We could organise a reunion.

Now  back to Facebook. My re-post of the news item included this photo:

Dalek Westminster

And I commented: I had a Dalek suit when I was a kid. My friend Beejay Wells (he lives in Belgium, by the way) came up with this. Dontcha just love him?

Dalek Steve