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  • Numero Uno – Again

    I reckon if the Italians like my naughty little A-Z of Understanding themselves, it can’t be bad. Up and down at the top of the Amazon.it chart, today it makes No.1 in three categories, for the first time in foreign humour (and not just Kindle).       Go  on, get your copy now. It’s…

  • 30% off at Kobo

    Get 30% off Incredible eBooks for less – this weekend only! PROMO CODE: Nov30Save30 Hurry! Offer expires Dec 4th BROWSE NOW

  • Ebooks v Print

    Interesting little comparison here thanks to TeachingDegree.org

  • Devilishly Good Score For Diavolino – And A Free Read

    You know how time flies and you lose track of things, then for some reason you decide out of the blue to go and poke around in some of those forgotten corners? In the midst of writing my new novel (horror, yes, but I’m saying no more for now) I just upped and went over…

  • The Vampire Shrink : Book Review

    The Vampire Shrink Author: Lynda Hilburn Published by: Jo Fletcher Books (25 Aug 2011) Kindle version ASIN: B005IHBWDE Hardback: ISBN-13: 978-0857387196 Blurb Kismet Knight is a young psychologist with a growing clinical practice, and she’s always looking for something to give her the edge in her chosen career. When her new client turns out to…