Can you find Diavolino?

A serious post today. I’m asking for your help.

If you own this image please contact me

If you own this image please contact me

Can you please go to this wordpress blog and see if you can find my book Diavolino? But before you go, please try to find it without using my name or the title of the book – in other words, as if you are a total stranger coming to the site for the first time knowing only that you are interested in horror stories.

Then let me know by responding to this poll:

In return, if you let me know who you are either by email or by commenting here, I’ll enter you into a draw to win a signed copy of Diavolino.

I really appreciate your help – and please do entertain friends and family by asking them to take part. The more the merrier.

Remember, don’t use my name or the title when searching – that would be too easy!

Thank you!