Let Me Go

Last night I was Gia Scott’s guest on her Dawn of  Shades radio show. There were some unusual technical difficulties which no doubt the religious will be ready to put down to the start of my eternal pain – but I think we overcame them. If you’d like to listen to the show, the entire thing is here including the hitches (no pun there):


I revealed during the interview that I have written to the bishop of this dioceses to request excommunication. Being a bit of drama queen, what I’m really hoping for is one like this performed by Becket in the eponymous film. What do you think? Maybe I’ll have to settle for a kind of rejection slip – well, I’m kinda used to those!

Gia Scott’s Dawn of Shades Radio Show

Paranormal Radio Network

Dawn of Shades

7th May 2013, 7pm CDT (1am BST on 8th May)

Radio 4.jpg

I’ll be  Gia Scott‘s guest on her radio show Dawn of Shades, 7th May starting at 7pm CDT (that will be 1am in UK on 8th May).

Gia Scott

You can tune in via the internet on this link :


Dawn of Shades is broadcast on the Paranormal Radio Network and you can find past shows here: http://www.paranormalradionetwork.org/

You’ll be able to phone in/email to join in the discussion, so I’d really appreciate you dropping by. And if you are in Europe, if you can stay awake!

However, if you can’t stay up to be with us live, Gia says you can email her your questions in advance and she’ll do her best to include them. So, if you want to do that, drop me an email and I will let you have the address (we have to do it this way to beat the spammers!).

There is also a Dawn of Shades Face Book Group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dawnofshades/

If you’re unsure of what time it will be where you are, this World Time Zone thing is supposed to make it easy 😉