Verdi: Otello – Horror in Tragedy

For my third instalment on the great composer Giuseppe Verdi, I’m jumping forward to his last but one opera – Otello. Why do this at such an early stage? Well, because I note that Otello is being performed by Opera North from January to March, and if I can help sell a single ticket for […]

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Verdi: Macbeth And Terror At The Opera

Who needs a happy ending? Not me, for sure. Recently, and I wish I’d tagged it, the great Clive Barker declared on Facebook that any any good horror avoids a happy ending. I’m no fan of romance either, not in books and generally not in film. Opera is about the only place for romance, yet […]

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Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi (Born 10 October 1813)

It’s not news that I’m a music fan and especially an opera fan, and this year marks 200 years since the birth of one of the greatest composers, Giuseppe Verdi. It provides me with the perfect excuse to slip in a few highlights and snippets of information. So in between posts on horror,  I will […]

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