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Number One on Kindle

When I wrote my wicked little eBook about Italians I never dreamt it would be bought in Italy. I did it all rather tongue-in-cheek and my partner actually worried that I might be hunted down by craggy-faced, suntanned thugs in pinstriped suits. So you can imagine my amazement to find it at No1 on under English Language Travel Guides! I am not expecting any offers of employment from the Italian State Tourist Office.


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The Land of Parentopoli

Thanks to the BBC for blasting this out in the article Nepotism alive and kicking in Italy. I won’t spoil the article for you with a summary, just go read it. Nepotism runs throughout Italian society. If you know the right person you can get a job, a discount, a table in a packed restaurant, planning permission, a mortgage (well, maybe not that since 2008!) or jump the queue for a multitude of services. That’s also how MPs get their seats through the party system. As Italy heads for the polls, think about how this reflects on a member of the EU, and read my naughty little book (available on Amazon now for just 77 pence/equivalent):


Italian flag

Again, the BBC article in full is here:

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Italians A-Z

With the Italian elections coming up I thought what better time to release a wicked little book about Italians and their ways. It’s not horror – it’s an irreverent look at some of the things you need to know in order to make any visit to Italy less frustrating. I hope you’ll get a laugh out of it. Oh, and I’ve thrown in a brilliant recipe!

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Are you heading to Italy for your holidays? Planning to buy a house there? However long you stay you’ll be better prepared if you read this highly irreverent booklet. Why is Italy full of old contes? Why do you need half a day to draw cash on your credit card? Why do Audis travel in pairs? Why should you be afraid of old men in trilbys, especially when they are behind the wheel of a Fiat Panda? Is every fat man called Pavarotti? What is Italian customer service? Why aren’t cappuccinos hot? Why do the lights go off when you iron? What is meant by ‘could be’ ? All these mysteries and more are explained by confessed Italiophile Steve Emmett. He even throws in a traditional recipe for ragu which alone has to be worth more than the cover price.

Steve Emmett sold Italian country homes for almost twenty-five years and lived there for a decade. He is now an acclaimed horror writer who has combined his writing skills with a deep knowledge of Italy and an acid wit to create this highly amusing and informative booklet. It’s wicked, very non-PC and full of sweeping generalizations but, if you have an interest in Italy and Italians, it’s bound to make you laugh.

Circa 11,200 words.