Amazon UK Finally Did It

Yes, as soon as the Jubilee weekend was over, Diavolino in paperback finally appeared officially on

In Paperback

It says ‘not currently in stock’ but I’ll bet you that will change quickly. Why? Because thanks to you they’ve already been processing orders. When I last looked, Diavolino was at number 29 in Fantasy Horror, and that’s within hours of the site being open for orders. It would be really great if that continued (hint).

Thanks to all of you. I’ll come up with some competition/freeby shortly so watch this space (*competition is HERE)

Once again, the buy link in full:


Booksellers, Bookstores and Patriotism

As a British author with a respectable following in my home territories it’s exciting watching the paperbacks of Diavolino coming up for for sale this side of the pond. First off the starting block was the Book Depository where Diavolino was on offer almost as soon as the ink had dried. So a big THANK YOU to them. If you don’t know them I recommend you check them out: They have tons of books and are not limited to the UK – they ship all over the world free of charge. They are prompt AND they have a customer service department that actually responds to you!

Which brings me to giving thanks once again to someone on the other side of the Atlantic. I have been wondering if my local bookshop(s) might stock Diavolino. I mean, I’d be happy to help them promote. Well, imagine my delight when it was pointed out to  me (by the eagle-eyed Julia Kavan – and check her writing out if you like horror) that at least one bookstore in the USA is already offering Diavolino. The least I can do is give them a plug:

RJ Julia Booksellers

“Located in the shoreline town of Madison, Connecticut, RJ Julia Booksellers has always been a place of inspiration, information, and excitement.

RJ Julia opened 21 years ago as an independent bookstore whose mission was, and is, to be a place where words matter, where writer meets reader, where the ambiance and selection and merchandising of books creates an atmosphere that is welcoming and presents the opportunity for discovery. Ultimately we are fiercely committed to putting the right book in the right hand.

We are extremely proud of having won major awards nationally, statewide and locally, including in part: Publishers Weekly Bookseller of the Year, Lucille Pannell award for bookselling excellence, Connecticut Magazine Best Bookstore, Connecticut Retailers Award for Community commitment, Advocate’s Best Bookstore and the New Haven Business Small Business Award.

We host over 300 events a year. Authors from all over the country—some even from overseas—visit the store to inspire, educate, and entertain us.”

Well, maybe I’ll have to make a trip over and see what we can do! Now, their address is:

768 Boston Post Rd. Madison, CT 06443

Tel: 203-245-3959

Fax: 203-245-8126


and here’s the all important weblink:

They are on Twitter: @rjjulia  and Facebook:

Do you stock my book? Do you know someone who does? Let me know and I’ll give you/them a plug too.


And I have some exciting news to come. So watch this space.

Diavolino – Trad Style

You all know my conversion to e-Books. And I know that you’re not all queueing up behind me! So, for those of you still in the print book world, I’m pleased to announce the arrival of Diavolino in trade paperback. Right now it’s on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, The Book Depository, and many more. So, if you’ve been waiting for this moment, I hope you enjoy the book. Once I get my own stock in I will be arranging some events (UK only for personal appearances, but we’ll see if we can manage some sort of happenings for the large numbers overseas – oh, and if you have any ideas or requests do let me know). If you’re  a reviewer without an e-reader, now’s your chance – just email me).

Barnes & Noble 

Lucky 7

Author Julia Kavan roped me in – sorry, tagged me – to this and thus it would be more than my life is worth to ignore her. She has been known to unleash demons. The instructions are:

Go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript

Go to line 7

Post on your blog the next 7 lines or sentences exactly as they are (no cheating)

Press gang – sorry, tag – 7 other authors to do the same


Well, this is something new to me because I never, ever reveal anything of a work in progress. Here goes. Page 7…


“How much does it cost to exorcise a demon? Tell me, I’m interested.”

Father Ryan’s face went pale, his lips clamped tight together in a line.  “Well,” he said after a pause, “we don’t…um…charge as such. If we succeed and the person is able, we hope they might make a donation.”

I held his gaze and leaned against the centre armrest. “Don’t be coy, Father. What’s the going rate to rid someone of a minor demon? Fifty bucks? A hundred? A thousand?”

He leaned back towards the fuselage, putting what distance he could between us.

(that is 7 lines in the manuscript!)


And the 7 authors I curse are:

Margaret James

Jianne Carlo

Tristram La Roche

Lisa McCourt Hollar

Peter Giglio

Geoff North

Rosie Fiore

And the best of luck

Devilishly Good Score For Diavolino – And A Free Read

You know how time flies and you lose track of things, then for some reason you decide out of the blue to go and poke around in some of those forgotten corners? In the midst of writing my new novel (horror, yes, but I’m saying no more for now) I just upped and went over to Goodreads  to have a look at Diavolino. I had to smile and feel a little bit chuffed because it has 34 ratings with an average of 4.47 (out of 5). That’s good – so if you haven’t read it yet, maybe you should?

Here’s the link:

Scores 4.47 on Goodreads


Still not sure? Just for tomorrow (the Ides of March) I have made my short horror, KID, free on Amazon. You surely can’t turn down a free book?

Kid Free on Amazon 15th March


All I ask is, if you like Kid, take a look at Diavolino. No ereader? Don’t worry – the paperbacks are coming. Watch this space.