Verdi: Macbeth And Terror At The Opera

Who needs a happy ending? Not me, for sure. Recently, and I wish I’d tagged it, the great Clive Barker declared on Facebook that any any good horror avoids a happy ending. I’m no fan of romance either, not in books and generally not in film. Opera is about the only place for romance, yet […]

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To Rome With Love

  How did I miss this? Well, I know, because at the time of the release my head was down writing and I was lost in the streets of, erm, Rome! Funny how things work out. And I still wouldn’t know about it (was there no advertising?) but for the weekly newsletter I get from […]

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Valkyries..and no horns

I can’t believe I haven’t watched the Copenhagen Ring before. Die Walkuere Act 3 left me speechless. Yes, me speechless! Enjoy the clip:

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