Dark Recesses

At last the long-awaited First Issue of Dark Recesses is out!


Dark Recesses

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In The Top 20 Books

Click Image to Go Vote

Click Image to Go Vote

Yesterday my novel Diavolino was nominated in The People’s Book Awards. Today it’s entered the Top 20, one place ahead of Stephen King’s 11.22.63


I’d love to beat The Hobbit ūüėČ Can I ask for your help? Click here to vote for me



Well, jumped over The Hobbit, thank you. Today am at No.15. Now, can we catch JK?

Up again

Please vote for Diavolino here:



Up to 11! Please vote if you can.


Greg Miller’s ‘Voice of the People’

Saturday 15th June, 17:00 CDT

Radio 4.jpg

I’m Greg Miller’s guest on his Saturday radio show Voice of the People.

Greg Miller (I feel kind of scared)

Greg Miller
(I feel kind of scared)

Here’s the link to listen in


Listeners will be able to phone in on (504) 273-7379 to the New Orleans studio during the live show.

17:00 CDT is of course 23:00 BST, so if you can’t stay awake you can always email your questions for me to Greg at:


(Just put ‘Question for Steve Emmett’ in the subject box)

I asked Greg to let me have a brief biography. Here it is:

Gregory Miller

Planetary Vision – Entrepreneur (Institutional Investments Advisor)

Principal of  PGPC Capital Group http://PGPCG.TK & Non-Profits http://HELPKIDS.TK,

Host of the Voice of the People Radio program, http://VOTPR.TK

Executive Director at

Co-Founder of

  • Exogeny Network Media Partners http://exogeny.tk and
  • Principal of¬† PGPC Capital Group http://PGPC.TK, Financial Consultations available through http://PGPCG.TK¬† via GLG Councils or via Guidant Financial, I can be connected with on DowJones FinRoad.com and LinkedIn.com¬†http://www.ushi.com/u/15093
  • ¬†You can join in Outdoor Activities with me at Get-Ready-Go!com http://ECINERD.TK¬†I can help you find capital for your exisiting business and help you get your firm listed on a stock exchange.¬†http://PGPC.TK

I am my breath. http://MYBREATH.TK

I’m At The Kabrini Message Today

Thanks to fellow author Marie Carhart for letting me loose on her website today. I talk about my past, dealing with major change and reveal a bit of news about my future. Come on over…