Curtis Brown Discovery Day at Foyles

Of course, I’d had my place booked at Discovery Day for ages – all tickets went as soon as they were released. And, of course, I started with the lurgy a couple of days before. And an eye infection. But nothing was going to rob me of my six minutes! Foyles did a great job, but I bet they wish the lifts and toilets had been more reliable that day! Thankfully, I had an early slot with Karolina Sutton because in the afternoon the aches and shivers got a real grip. And that’s why I’m a bit late with this post, which incidentally I’m typing in bed (so apologies for any typos).

If you take a look at this YouTube video you’ll see me, trying to look thin and well. I’m actually in it three times if you have eagle eyes:

There is also a great report on the day in Book Brunch – so I’ll give you the link and shut up:

My thanks to all at Curtis Brown for doing this, and Foyles for hosting so well.

(If you look really carefully at the video you might spot Julia Kavan, too)


Sketchbot Creation

The Science Museum in London currently hosts the Google Chrome Experiment, or Web Lab. It connects people all over the world in an enormous digital experiment. Sketchbots scan visitors and then digitally recreate their faces in sand. Can anyone recognise the creation in this video link?

There are no prizes for getting it right, but anyone who says the Frankenstein monster may get a clip round the ear.